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 giordano ladies aims to redefine femininity, beauty, and style using the versatility of lines.
Built on the concept of lines and geometry, there are more than one type of femininity, one definition of beauty, and one way to wear your style. Lines are versatile—whether it’s straight, curved, dotted, thick, thin, vague, or solid lines, all of these give shape to all kinds of design. Infused with a variety of textures, the new elegant and modern collection is crafted with diverse patterns, transparency, touch, and color.
This category offers pleated tops, skirts, sweaters, and jackets that resonate the soft yet crisp style of strong and trendy metropolitan Filipinas.
Lightweight fabrics such as tulle and chiffon outline curves and layers, all offer a modern touch to its timeless pieces— perfect for stylish Filipinas who are always on-the-go.
Meanwhile, the intersecting lines on this cashmere sweater and pencil skirt re-create the aesthetics of geometry.
Hand-painted delicate lines of different shades trace sketches of snowy mountains on the irregular-cut skirt; the pleated top and skirt blended with patterns of lurex line construct a line drawing of mountains. In the comfort and harmony of fall and winter, you can put on your own style with confidence and freedom.
Re-invent the classic handmade wool coat and merino wool pieces, imbuing pieces with sparkling dots and line details, radiating elegance and style.